6th European Conference on Symptom Validity Assessment (SVA)

Ort: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This conference is organized for everyone with an interest in the latest research and state-of-the-art clinical practice of symptom and performance validity assessment. This meeting gives participants the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge, as well as to exchange on current issues related to symptom and performance validity assessment.

We are currently composing a program which will cover a variety of topics in this field, including validity assessments on children, adolescents, and adults. Our program will consider issues of symptom and performance validity in various settings, such as educational institutes, psychiatric hospitals, neurological rehabilitation, and the forensic setting. Speakers will present their research and talk about their clinical experience from both the perspective of large scaled scientific research but also from the perspective of single-case studies. Although the majority of our renowned speakers are based in European countries, it is our honor to also welcome internationally renowned speakers from outside Europe.


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