22nd World Congress on Psychology and Behavioral Science

Ort: Amsterdam, Niederlande

The key theme of the congress is “Master the Science of Psyche at Psychology 2019”.

Conference Highpoints:

  1. Psychology
  2. Origin of Psychology
  3. Importance of Psychology
  4. Perspectives of Psychology
  5. Psychological Disorders
  6. Causes of Psychological Disorders
  7. Treatment and Recovery
  8. Careers in Psychology
  9. Behavioral Science
  10. Behaviorism and Theories Involved
  11. Causes of Behavior
  12. The Psychology of Brain and Behavior
  13. Children Psychology
  14. Abnormal Behavior
  15. Behavior and Mortality and Many More.

For more details about the conference download the Brochure: https://psychology-behavioral-sciences.pulsusconference.com/conference-brochure  

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