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Umfrage zur Rolle der Klinischen Neuropsychologen der OFPN (Franzöische Organisation der Psychologen mit Spezialisierung Neuropsychologie)

Im Auftrag der OFPN leite ich Ihnen untenstehende Einladung zur Teilnahme an der Umfrage (Teilnahme bis 11.6.2018) weiter:


"The French Organization of Psychologists specialized in Neuropsychology (OFPN) works to promote neuropsychology and improve daily clinical practice. To this purpose, our association has several working groups assigned to various commissions and topics.

One of them is currently questioning the role of clinical psychologists specialized in neuropsychology (or neuropsychologists) caring for patients with disorders of consciousness (and their place in the departments in charge of these patients). In order to answer this issue, a first survey for French-speaking countries has been carried out, and you can find the results in the journal Neurologies (december 2017 :https://www.researchgate.net/publication/322077292_Etats_de_conscience_alteree_Quel_role_pour_les_neuropsychologues).

Today, we invite you to distribute a new survey (https://goo.gl/forms/VGOrEPAcXaDxdYA63), this time for neuropsychologists in non-French speaking countries. We believe we will be able to question our practices, exchange ideas and suggest improvement, thanks to the answers of our oversea colleagues. The deadline for this survey will be on june 11th 2018.

Contact: rousseau.lea54@gmail.com

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