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Für GNP Mitglieder - Bitte um Teilnahme an Umfrage der FESN zu FESN topical group bis 31.05.2022

Dear Council Members,

FESN management committee is asking for your ideas for generating activities to support interaction among its membership. A short online questionnaire can be found behind the link below. Please complete the form and forward the link to the members of your society.

The form is here https://elomake.helsinki.fi/lomakkeet/116885/lomakkeet.html

Since its beginning, FESN has been able to bring together representatives from different European countries, from different neuropsychological socities, to act for common goals. These representatives, serving as FESN council members, have gotten to know one another and have been able to share experiences. There has been less opportunity for other members of these societies to interact however. Now, FESN will launch an initiative where society members can be active and join across borders: FESN topical groups. Topical groups will be open for all members of FESN member societies.

Now we are asking for your ideas on what kind of groups you would like to see in action. Topics can be related to diagnoses (dementia, TBI, epilepsy etc), cognitive domains/ impairments (neglect, aphasia, social cognition etc), intervention (rehabilitation of x, therapeutic interventions for y), research methodology, assessment methods, or any other topic the membership is interested in discussing. The groups would mostly meet online and the activities of the group can be decided within the group. It can be a simple goal of sharing of practices, enhancing research networks, or an aim to generate common guidelines to be published.

A group will need a leader and one or two co-leaders (preferably from different countries) in order to function. When suggesting topics, you can also suggest leaders. Once one or more groups are formed, FESN will provide online platforms for them to use. If you have ideas on these, let us know as well.'Zoom-like' and 'Slack-like' platforms will be considered, preferably by European providers, fullfilling European GDPR requirements.

All other ideas to promote networking and collaboration within FESN membership are also welcome. Please circulate this message in your society. We are looking forward to your input by 31st May.

The form is here https://elomake.helsinki.fi/lomakkeet/116885/lomakkeet.html


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