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Ausschreibung INS Award - Nominierungen bis 30.09.2021

Wir möchten Sie auf die untenstehende Ausschreibung zum INS Award aufmerksam machen.

"INS is extremely interested in promoting the awards all over the world in order to recognise outstanding contributions to neuropsychology in diverse geographical and cultural contexts.

INS has the following awards:

Early Career Award (<10 years post terminal degree*): for young independent researchers who have contributed nationally or internationally.

Mid Career Award (11-24 years post terminal degree*)
: for Associate or Full professors with relevant national and international research impact.

Mentoring Award (Mid Career to Senior): for individuals who have had an impact on careers of students in the field of neuropsychology, thus promoting the development of the discipline in their countries.

Lifetime Award for Research (> 25 years): for senior researchers with international reputation.

Lifetime Award for Education (senior): for individuals that have contributed to the development of the discipline with national or international impact.

*terminal degree= PhD, MSc or clinical degree depending on the country.

Nominations require 1 or 2 nomination letters depending on the type of award. Nomination letters must be sent by the end of September.

Details of the Awards and requirements here

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